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Website authentication security

Website authentication security

When your money depends on an access via Internet you must be specially careful. Having a safe password strategy comes into growing importance.

Keep tight security and dont save passwords in word documents or in your browser, as these can be easily exposed to attackers or keyloggers. Try to keep them in your memory and develop a “safe password” strategy with tiny changes from website to website. This way your online authentications will be less vulnerable
Use your brain:  Choose three parts or components for any password. Our friends call it “the password sandwich”.

This is where you create a short ingredient list. Preferably, two weak ingredients (the bread), and one stronger ingredient (the main ingredient) is used. You connect them with special characters (condiments). The system part is how you assemble it. First, We recommend one piece of bread be a site code such as ppph for PayPana Philippines. Second we recommend an expiration code for the other piece of bread such as q2 for expires second quarter. For the main ingredient we recommend mnemonics of short rhythmic phrases. Use a song you cannot get out of your head. for example you can use a Bruno Mars title “billionaire” and take off vowels  to create Bllnr. Putting it together, PayPana Philippines becomes ppph@Bllnr!q2 and TWITTER becomes twt@Bllnr!m4 (Twitter expires every month presently at the end of April). You can write these all down using a shorthand on a simple wallet card using your own shorthand.

If you are currently using weak passwords across sites, you should implement immediately safer passwords and your own strategy for safe passwords across Internet authentications

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