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Terms and Conditions

PayPana understands your transactions are IMPORTANT and URGENT

PayPana is a service that helps individuals to deposit funds from paypal, bitcoins or the local bank and then use the funds in their own eWallet to either exchange to cash or to redeem GiftCards and GiftCodes from hundreds of quality merchants worldwide. PayPana also allows users to transfer funds from their eWallet instantly to other PayPana users 10 times cheaper than similar services . PayPana earns fees and also from the exchange rate of USD to PHP. Please review and understand clearly the following terms and conditions before using this website.

Working hours

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00pm (English and Tagalog)

– Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Permitted use

PayPana electronic wallet, exchange and remittance services are intended for legal purchases of goods, services, gifts for family and friends, PayPana does not tolerate the use of its platform for any illegal activity, forbidden trade, money laundering.  Furthermore, Users suspected to be involved in such will be suspended from the use of PayPana at the sole discretion of PayPana.


PayPana understands that your transactions are important and urgent. That is why Paypana’s service warranty  prompt us to settle all transactions within 24 hours from the moment payment is confirmed. A full payment is required in order to process any transactions as fast as possible. Deferred or Check payments must first be cleared in order to be processed. Once payment is settled on Paypana’s side, the 24 hour maximum service warranty will take effect and serve the order as per client instruction. Please consider that Paypana has no control over the execution time of other E-currency or E-wallet operations. E-currency operators or platform may have their own processing times for generation or activation of your loads, gift cards and alike. Hence, the 24 hours maximum execution time  begins on the side of Paypana once your payment is cleared. Normally, once payment is confirmed, processing time is much, much faster.

Validity of the orders

Orders made to PayPana are valid for a period of 12 hours from the moment that they are received online to be paid by the buyer. PayPana reserves its right to cancel any unpaid order at its own discretion.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If a client has paid its order and more than 24 hours have passed without a resolution, the client is entitled to a maximum compensation of PHP 500 additional to these orders or a full refund. Please email phpal [at] for more information. Please note that PayPana Philippines operates from the domain name . This means that our staff will be more than happy to answer  questions and provide assurance via email, phone, sms and support chat. Please note that PayPana will never solicit via emails or close transactions via chat or via free email accounts such as gmail, yahoo or similar.


All sales are final. No refunds. The only exception is if /when the service warranty applies

Good Standing

PayPana enables all users equally to reach and maintain good standing of their account. To keep said good standing PayPana may require periodic verifications, KYC and conduct AML assessments. PayPana reserves its right to reject any transaction at any time and to suspend a user if it considers the user has violated or abused fair utilization of the PayPana website and its services. In the event that the suspended user maintains eWallet balance it will be refunded ONLY to the same pay in method and account the user brought the funds into the system within the estipulated timeframe by the management of PayPana.

How to purchase

Every transaction starts with a Deposit. After your deposit is accepted and your ideantity is verified you can either Withdraw Cash or redeems 100s of GiftCards and GiftCodes in the Store

To Deposit

    1. Register for FREE in
    2. Go to the “My Account” “Deposit” menu.
    3. Choose the desired, method of deposit (Bank, PayPal or BTC).
    4. Enter the exact amount.
    5. Checkout online and provide the relevant details.
    6. Pay in cash at the bank, via Paypal or BTC or at our office.
    7. Once the payment is confirmed,funds will be available in your PayPana eWallet

To Transfer instantly

  1. Go to the transfer menu under “my account”
  2. Select either instant Paypana to Paypana transfer or external transfer to paypal
  3. insert the valid email address of your beneficiary
  4. confirm with your PIN the transaction

To Withdraw funds

  1. Go to the Withdraw menu under “my account”
  2. Select your preferred payout method: Local Bank,  PayPal or Bitcoins
  3. Understand the associated fees and provide a confirmation
  4. Reconfirm with your PIN
  5. In certain cases PayPana may require that the user pays a security bond equivalent to the value of his total withdrawal limit. This condition remains at the discretion of the Admin

To Redeem GiftCards and GiftCodes

  1. Go to The PayPana shop
  2. Choose among hundreds of GiftCards and GiftCodes with fast digital delivery
  3. Choose the value of your GiftCard
  4. Checkout with your eWalllet load as payment method

All deliveries are via electronic delivery. Listed prices are the best possible price, there are no additional discounts. For security and to avoid fraud, all payments must come from verified accounts and directed to a bank account to the name of the same person. PayPana reserves its right to conduct additional verifications at its sole criteria and without explanations. Also PayPana may request for a Bond or safekeeping before rendering any currency related services

About PayPana products and services

All products and services rendered by PayPana are handed over complete and in perfect conditions, electronically.


PayPana enables users to encash a number of electronic currency into PHP. PayPana serves payments in a professional manner and follows strict procedures, it also conducts reasonable verifications and investigations regarding the authenticity of the transactions and the legality of the source of the funds. At the same time, PayPana acts in behalf of a third party who request either to encash or reload an electronic financial product, therefore PayPana assumes nor esponsibility or liability about the origin, use or consequences of the funds transferred using PayPana’s service


All transactions made with PayPana are strictly confidential


PayPana may revise from time to time the above terms and conditions. Please check this page regularly. Last update on January 31, 2015