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PayPal Deposit: important announcement

PayPal Deposit: important announcement

What makes a great payment gateway great is one thing: Trust

In PayPana our goal since day one has been to serve a community of trusted individuals and merchants with high levels of trust. Honestly, we leave our heart and soul in every line written, every transaction served with one goal. be useful to you

In our original business plan we had in mind being a meta eWallet truly interconnected across other eWallets and PayPal was as it still is one of the most widely used payment gateways. However our future strategy prompts us to discourage our users from deposit funds coming from PayPal…

Let it be said: PayPana Philippines is not PayPal

Some clients will ask: what s the use of my PayPana account if I cannot deposit PayPal and cash it out the same day?

keep reading…

Even if we are also users of PayPal and do our best to abide to their policies and terms, there are instances where we find PayPal fails to defend us merchants against fraud and unfair business practices. This creates inconveniences and risks for us, because we do this for profit and cannot expose ourselves to unnecessary risk.

THe above problem also creates an opportunity in the sense that we can turn PayPana into an true alternative gateway and Payment system to PayPal

For the meantime we have decided that PayPal gateway will be disabled for all users except those with a proven track record of transactions and new users wishing to enable Paypal deposits expect a thoroughly verification process.

Now what can you do to receive instant payments?

You could ask your clients to register in PayPana and pay you via an internal paypana transfer, this make syour relationship off PayPal. We will also launch an awareness campaign to make foreign buyers more aware of the alternative with PayPana.

You could switch to bitcoins and ask your clients to pay you in bitcoins that can still be redeemed safely using your PayPana eWallet

In the coming days we will revamp out platform and will open new regional sites in the USA and HK, fully integrated with its local payment options. Via the regional sites your clients will be able to deposit funds directly in PayPana and pay you via internal PayPana to PayPana transfrers.

This is a more logic approach and fees will be minimal

Right now a big chunk of the fees we collect go straight to PayPal and we will be happier passing on those saving to you.

If you have questions or comments feel free to address it in a comment to this blog post or in the FAQ section

We are truly sorry for all the decent people out there who wants to cash out their paypal but our number one priority is to protect ourselves and the community