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Pay Bills Online wherever you are!

Pay Bills Online wherever you are!

We are extremely happy to introduce a new service for those OFWs or anyone needing to PayBills online and with confidence

Bill Payments in The Philippines

Anyone who is abroad and has a friend, relative or worker and needs to pay his bills can avail this service. The Pay Bills facility of PayPana is specially useful for:

  • OFWs needing to pay the bills of a relative or her own in The Philippines
  • Those who get paid in BTC or PayPal but need to pay bills in hard cash
  • Those who work in night shifts and have no time for paying bills
  • Those who need to make sure the money is used to pay a certain bill and not diverted into some other expense

With the PayBill service of PayPana Philippines you can be assured that your bill gets paid within 24 hours

We can pay most Bills anywhere in the Philippines, some examples are:

  • Pay Meralco online from abroad without credit card
  • Pay Manila Water with PayPal
  • Pay utilities with BitCoin
  • Pay for Association Dues in your behalf
  • Pay for a Condo Investment in The Philippines
  • Pay Suppliers such as wedding planners or the like
  • Pay any Bills using electronic funds
  • Pay for your Cell Phone bill or Cable TV bill
  • Pay for School online
  • Pay for loans or Insurance
  • Pay for a gift or a surprise to a friend in the Philippines

In all the above, transactions fees are kept at minimum and not only you will save but you will have the confidence of knowing that your payments are taken care of no matter where you are and in a professional manner, without bothering your friends or relatives anymore.

Try the Bill Payments service of PayPana today!

Making sure the money is used to pay what was intended to

Making sure the money is used to pay what was intended to