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New Service: SMS alerts

New Service: SMS alerts

We always said it:

PayPana has so much more to offer…

than just PayPal encashment BitCoin Cash Out. Right now we can be proud to share that we are one of the most comprehensive e-wallet services in the market. Offering a US dollar account with no maintaining balance and now offering SMS alerts whenever you receive money in your account

PayPana to PayPana instant payments

With PayPana you can make micro payments PayPana to PayPana and instant payments. The beneficiary will be alerted immediately via SMS that she received money.

An example of internal instant payment with PayPana

Someone who lives in the USA wants to send money to her sister, it s as easy as both of them enrolling into PayPana and the sender going to “my account > transfers”  then choose transfer to “PayPana member” writing her sister ‘s email address and she will instantly receive a payment and an sms prompting her to check online her money.

Moreover, her sister will be able to withdraw this money to the bank or pera padala of her preference with just a few clicks

PayPana has a lot to do with instant micro Payments and electronic remittances in The Philippines

PayPana will send a mobile payment reminder every time you receive money in your account

Mobile payment services in The Philippines by PayPana Micro Payments and Instant Remittances