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Karma Koin prepaid codes in The Philippines [New offering]

Karma Koin prepaid codes in The Philippines [New offering]

Are you stuck on your favorite online game?

Only because you lack upgrades or in-game money to make advancements?

In PayPana Philippines we know it may be ¬†frustrating it when you want to enhance your game assets but you don’t have a credit card or the credit card that you hold is not accepted. Fortunately now we have launched a new digital delivery of prepaid game codes, Karma Koin. This is the link to buy Karma Koin locally [Needs login to your PayPana account]

Karma Koin giftcards are widely accepted for dozens of popular games and online establishments worldwide.

Karma koins are accepted widely among the game community. For a comprehensive list of games and establishments that accept Karma Koin you may refer to where to use karma koin

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It is easier than ever to buy your Karma Koin funds if you are in The Philippines or anywhere in the world

  1. Register or login to PayPana Philippines
  2. Reload your PayPana eWallet with your funds from the local bank, bitcoins or even PayPal
  3. Go to the Shop menu at PayPana Philippines
  4. Select the value of the Karma Koin you want to buy
  5. Your code will be send by email in less than 24 hours!

Karma Koin codes for sale in The Philippines

Now you can use your PayPana eWallet to fund your digital dreams and to fuel hours of enjoyment via your favorite online Games PayPana Freedom to Pay