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How to open a dollar account online!

How to open a dollar account online!

PayPana offers to individuals and freelancers the personal USD account that is opened online and within a few hours enables you to keep a USD balance connected to the online economy…The online personal dollar account of PayPana doesn’t require to keep any maintaining balance and allows an individual to do remittances instantly to other persons, friends, relatives, suppliers online and even to PayPal. This is a huge benefit for freelancers in the Philippines who need their clients to pay them fast and with low fees.
There is no need for a lock in balance to open and keep a PayPana dollar account

The requirements are straightforward and there are many ways to load funds into an online personal dollar account:

  1. Fund a dollar account by local Bank transfer
  2. Use PayPal funds to fund the eWallet
  3. Exchange Bitcoin to your USD online account
  4. Pay Cash over the counter at the PayPana office

Once there is some balance in the online personal dollar account of PayPana its owner can do any of the following:

  1. Buy GiftCards, codes and stored valued cards of Multiple online stores
  2. Shop online and pay with GiftCards, PayPal or BitCoins
  3. Withdraw Cash at the local Bank
  4. Request Telegraphic Transfers to accounts worldwide [This service requires special activation. please contact PayPana]

With all the options above it is clear that PayPana is the most interconnected eWallet service in the world

PayPana is based in The Philippines but serves clients anywhere in the wold

Register today and open a free personal dollar account with no maintaining balance