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PayPana is a universal ewallet, that allows fast cash out and redemption of difital funds such as BitCoin PayPal and also enables its users to buy GiftCards from US stores in Peso

What is PayPana

¿What is PayPana?

PayPana Philippines is an innovative eWallet that allows anyone to do instant micro payments at a minimum or no Fee. Free p2p payments can be for paying friends or purchases online.

With PayPana you can remit money FREE, safely and fast to friends and suppliers worldwide.

You can redeem funds stored in your PayPana account into  any local bank, PayPal, BitCoins, Pera Padala or buy GiftCards from popular merchants such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and others with online delivery.You can use PayPana as a fully connected eWallet in local currency (Philippines Peso) to do instant remittances.

How does it Work?

How does it work?

  • Every user must register to load their eWallet and to access the shop. Accounts are reviewed and approved the same day. Please use your real name and date of birth as every application is manually screened. Applications that provide false or dummy details are automatically declined

To Deposit

    1. Register for FREE in
    2. Go to the “My Account” “Deposit” menu.
    3. Choose the desired, method of deposit (Bank, PayPal or BTC).
    4. Enter the exact amount.
    5. Checkout online and provide the relevant details.
    6. Pay in cash at the bank, via Paypal (only for verified members) or BTC or at our office.
    7. Once the payment is confirmed,funds will be available in your PayPana eWallet

To Transfer instantly

  1. Go to the transfer menu under “my account”
  2. Select either instant Paypana to Paypana transfer or external transfer to Paypal (only for verified members)
  3. insert the valid email address of your beneficiary
  4. confirm with your PIN the transaction

To Withdraw funds

  1. Go to the Withdraw menu under “my account”
  2. Select your preferred payout method: Local Bank,  Pera padala, Paypal (only for verified members) or Bitcoins
  3. Understand the associated fees and provide a confirmation
  4. Reconfirm with your PIN

To Redeem GiftCards and GiftCodes

  1. Go to The PayPana shop
  2. Choose among hundreds of GiftCards and GiftCodes with fast digital delivery
  3. Choose the value of your GiftCard
  4. Checkout with your eWalllet load as payment method

All deliveries are via electronic delivery. Listed prices are the best possible price, there are no additional discounts. For security and to avoid fraud, all payments must come from verified accounts and directed to a bank account to the name of the same person. PayPana reserves its right to conduct additional verifications or questioning transactions at its sole criteria and without explanations.

How much does it cost?

What are the Fees?

  • Deposits: Forever FREE
  • Instant Transfers to other PayPana members: 0.5% (half percent)
  • Withdrawals: 2%FREE (limited time offer)
  • PayPana GiftCards purchases: FREE
  • 3rd party GiftCard Purchase: 5%

Please note that incoming payments from PayPal may be subject to an additional fee which is discounted to us by PayPal. Please pay attention to the deposit confirmation page

How do I start?

How to Start? Register and get verified

  • Complete your basic details in the form 
  • Insert 1 to 3 Bank accounts that are used to interact (deposit withdraw from PayPana)
  • Create a PIN
  • Once you make your first deposit PayPana staff will verify your indentity and upgrade your membership
  • PayPana staff will get back to you to verify your identity and bank details
  • PayPana will not and cannot substract funds automatically from your Bank account

How long does it take?

¿How long does it take to fulfill an order?

PayPana Philippines promises that no order will take longer than 24 hours to fulfill. We have 3 cut-offs during the day and our service guarantee is that all orders shall be completed within 24 hours, while most can be done in less than six hours.

¿Why max 24 hours?

Our back office requires a buffer time to analyze incoming payments and serve the remittances and other instructions. PayPana understands these instructions are important and urgent, this is why our team works transactions in batches to speed up in just a few hours processing. However our services guarantee grants us up to 24 hours to serve the instructions.

Safety: How does PayPana care?

¿Is PayPana Safe?

All transactions with PayPana are done encrypted with a security protocol https All PayPana Philippines users must be registered and manually verified by our authorized staff. For their own safety all users must be verified before starting to execute transactions in our platform. This is why our community enjoys high levels of trust . PayPana also regularly reviews the verification status PayPana Philippines only communicates with its users via one email account phpal [@] . PayPana wil never contact you unannounced by phone using a gmail or yahoo or any other free account or different domaain than Any fraud or phishing attempt may be denounced here. We will never ask for personal information such as passwords or verification data via email or phone. Only via pages linked from the main menu in our website The only domain name URL that paypana uses is ( Kindly check carefully this address every time you interact with PayPana Philippines. You may also be redirected to from the url

Deposit / Withdraw limits?

By default your PayPana account has a limit in the amount you can deposit or withdraw. THese limits can be lifted by completing identity verification and by conducting regular transactions with the platform.

As per BSP regulation transactions of USD 10k and beyond can be served, but only after our offices completes proper KYC and AML formalities.

If you have questions or need to lift your paypana account limits, please contact us as follows:


+63(2) 263-4937
+63 927 8779654
+63 999 3951639
+63 943 4645124
+63 937 3746712

Website stability?

PayPana invest serious time and resources in keeping our technology current and reliable. Our website is professionally hosted in a secure facility with protection against most hazards either human or act of god. We even have a service that distributes the data in several geographic locations in case there is a problem in a city we could miigrate within minutes to another.

We are serious about notifying in advance shall the website be offline for a short period for maintenance or improvements, moreover we do this in weekends or holidays to cause less impact to the day to day operations.

Even though all of the above we want to remind you that your funds and the records of the transactions are kept safely OFFLINE, therefore you can always reach to us at the following contacts:

+63(2) 263-4937
+63 927 8779654
+63 999 3951639
+63 943 4645124
+63 937 3746712
+1(281) 810-8808 (USA)

 phpal [at]

4F Amber Place, #67 Bayani road, Fort Bonifacio, Bayani Road, Taguig City Philippines

What are the terms of Service?

What are the terms?

The terms of service and use can be reviewed here

Free money?

If you registered for the Free 5$ promo, below are the task you need to complete in order to havve the Gift USD load applied to your PayPana:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Set up a PIN
  3. Set up a Bank account to be referenced for your PayOuts
  4. Complete your first deposit of at least 50 $ and verify your identity

User reviews and Complaints about PayPana

Reviews from PayPana users are shared publicly in our facebook page.  If you feel that your experience with PayPana has been less than excellent we apologize and ask you to give us an opportunity to address your concern and solve any misunderstanding, by contacting our management first before posting a negative review.

We strive to render a honest and efficient service and sincerely value each and one of the transactions that pass via our platform. We also pledge to treat each and everyone equally and fair according to our terms and conditions of service

Exchange rate from PayPal deposits?

When you use a PayPal account to make a deposit into your PayPana eWAllet, paypal will change a fee that varies from 6.% to 4.4% although we dont agree with such fees these are deducted automatically when you deposit to PayPana. This is why you see and exchange rate applied to your PayPal dollars. However, rest assured that we settle each transaction and if yourpaypal fee is less than what the system collected we will be quick to adjust a custom rate for you based on your relationship with PayPal

Legal Status

Legal status

PayPana is registered as a Money Changer in The Republic of The Philippines. We are also a legal business entity abiding of the laws and regulations of The United States. We are also committed to respect and consider laws and regulations at all jurisdictions where our users and partners are. PayPana implements reasonable controls, verifications and due diligence on the operations and users in order to assure that all are for legal purposes. PayPana doesnt operate as a financial instituton and doesnt offer interest paying accounts of similar financial services. PayPana is not legally connected to PayPal, PayZa or similar. The only domain name we use is

Contact Information


  • PayPana only uses the following telephone numbers and emails. PayPana will never contact you from a different email account or try to close transactions via social networks or off the website (
  • To contact us:

    Contact us!

    +63(2) 831-0603
    +63 927 8779654
    +63 999 3951639
    +63 943 4645124
    +63 937 3746712
    +1(281) 810-8808 (USA)

     phpal [at]

    4F Amber Place, #67 Bayani road, Fort Bonifacio, Bayani Road, Taguig City Philippines

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